Holding Baozi during service

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Hey all, I'm thinking about doing Baozi (Chinese steamed buns) as a special by making and steaming them ahead of time and holding them in a steamer or holding pan during service. I'm a little concerned that this will result in chewy dough after sometime, which would defeat the purpose of making light and fluffy buns to begin with. Has anyone tried/overcome this obstacle?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!
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Can't see it holding as you want, if you don't have a section devoted to it get rid.

Very inexperienced though so am looking forward to the answer.


my first move would be to just give it a go and find out what the holding time is, make a few and test every hour to find that fail point. 

is par cook and finish to order a possibility? 
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Love bao. Never been back of house in a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. Never thought to ask the chefs at the Vietnamese joints I visit.

Whole Foods, I believe, steams and refrigerates, and their cold buns are quite nice. Well outside of my competence, really, but I would reckon daily prep, steaming until about 80% done, storing under refrigeration and finishing to order would do the trick?

I'm curious, too.

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