Hola! from France

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Hello, I'm a spanish culinary student in Lyon (France).

I'm studing a l'Institut Paul Bocuse and I'm in my second (and final) year of education.

I come from Madrid (Spain) and I've moved to Lyon for a year now.

Sorry for my English, I keep watching movies and listening to musci to improve it!!

My name is Luis Alonso.
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Bon Jour,

How did you happen to came across Cheftalk?

Don't worry about your English. we have many international friends here.

Please tell us about your studies "A la Bocuse" and what are your future plans?
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I was searching for some recipes and Í found the forums... Lucky for me!! This is a great comunity and I've learned some things since I have been "lurking" here, not that I'm doing it anymore... :cool:

My life "à la Bocuse": well, the institut is very well equiped and I think we are very well prepared to enter the "real world". Furthermore, we make some training period each year (4 months) in real restaurants--> I've done it at Lameloise, a 3 stars restautant, and I think this is one of the greatest advantages of being "a l'ecole", cause we can choose our own training-restaurants.

My future: I love the kitchens world, but I'm almost sure that a day I will want to move a little bit and leave the kitchens for a work involved with marketing, management... So I've planned to finish my year here, do my second training period for 4 months, go to the USA and work for a big hotel like four seasons or someting like that in the marketing, management or food and beberage department. Or maybe make a management school in the USA. Indeed, do you know a management school in the washington-boston area with a "one year" program in management???

Thanks in advance!

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Bienvenu Luis! We will all look forward to your posts, hoping to learn a few tidbits from L'Institut Paul Bocuse, and your interpretation of what you are learning.

Welcome to Chef Talk, Luis!
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Lameloise is indeed an impressive restaurant/hotel to do your apprenticeship.

You must tell us more in the cooking forums about your experience there, maybe outline a typical day.

If your looking for a management program in Hotel/Restaurant training look into Johnson & Wales in Providence Rhode Island. There are a number of us here on cheftalk who graduated from J&W and will stand behinds it's curriculum.

To study in Lyon and apprentice in Burgundy must be a wonderful experience for you.

PS, Here is a link to J&W
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Luis, It sounds like you are receiving a well rounded education in food AND language. Good for you!! It's great to have you here.
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