Hola, fellow foodies!

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    Just came across this site, looks like a fantastic resource. I'm currently the FOH manager of a fantastic restaurant in Jacksonville, FL. We make everything from scratch (from hand cut pasta to home made sausage) with an emphasis on fresh, local seafood and locally sourced produce. I've been cooking extensively at home for over a decade.

    Lately I've been doing some catering work on the side, and have a major one coming up soon (which brought me to this site). I look forward to poking around here and sharing some insight with like-minded individuals. Bon Appetit!!

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    Welcome Ryeinjax and happy to have you in the site. 

    Hope your learn alot , and share some of your experience as well. 

    By the way the picture of the seared scallops is very well presented. 

    Be sure to check out our monthly challenges , and dinner threads , along with our galleries , they also have some amazing photos as well.
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