Hogfish? First time cooking need advice.

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    So chef brought in some hogfish or hog snapper. Anyway very clean fish, thinking of leaving the skin on and pan searing it. Here is what I'm thinking and would love any advice.

    Pan seared hogfish
    Roasted fennel
    Grilled pears
    Pine nut cream
    Cured baby heirloom tomatoes
    Baby basil
    Smoked sea salt

    Thanks in advance for your input,
    Chef mike
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  3. mike pitrola

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    Don't need a recipe. Creating a dish. Just looking for feedback maybe advice from someone who has worked with hogfish before. Cooking techniques, etc. Dropped the basil, going to garnish with fennel frawns. And am going to braise fennel in milk, and finish roasted. And make a foam out of the braising liquid. Made pine nuts cream today and it was delicious. Thickened with Xanthan gum so it had a velvety texture. Can't wait to taste it all together.