Hobby woodworker looking for advice from chefs

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Hello chefs!

I must fully disclose something:  I'm a woodworker, not a chef.  I've been making some wood products, with an emphasis on usability.  So, I'd like to ask you a few questions as I go about tweaking my website and forming my product lineup.  

For example, my spoons - I'm paying particular attention to how each spoon feels in your hand.  Most are right- or left-handed.  The tagline I'm using is "designed to make your hand fit like a glove."  But, for the scoop end - I'm curious what styles would be the most-used in a kitchen, because I only want to spend the time making a nice grip for a spoon that will see a lot of use. 

Which subforum should questions like above go in?  


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Hi Keith,

Welcome to ChefTalk. This would be the food & cooking forum. If you are interested you can (as many companies have) send ChefTalk some samples and we will give them to chefs and post reviews of your products. Please contact me if interested.


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