Hobart Mixers

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Our bakery has 2 Hobart mixers, a 20 quart and a floor 80 quart (L800). Anyone know how to find used parts and accessories? I've tried Commercial restaurant equipment stores, ebay, etc. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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Look for used restaurant equipment companies that buy up equipment from businesses that have closed.

As for parts, I assume you are talking about repair parts. Really, the only place to get them is from Hobart or a company that services Hobart.
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I agree with HalB.

There are accessories available through reg sources, craigslist, ebay, etc.

As HalB stated, avoid the commercial equipment sources. Look on the secondary market labeled: used restaurant/kitchen equipment,

even kitchen equipment auction houses.

If you are repairing on your own, and need something that's not a normal/ware replacement part, than I go to the used equipment guys. They most always have multiple donor mixers they use.
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Mmmm yeah. If it's a mechanical part you shouldn't have any trouble because you can see what you are getting. But if it's an electrical item, like a controller I would buy new from Hobart.
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