Hm. Reduced heavy cream - now what?

Joined Jun 8, 2010
So, I've got a measuring cup of thickened cream sitting in the fridge, and no earthly idea what to do with it next. Ideas are welcome!

I lived in London for a couple of years a while back, and have always missed single and double cream (heavy whipping cream falls between them, closer to double, in terms of milkfat %. Single is slightly higher than half and half, if I remember McGee's table correctly). I never played much with double cream, but I've wanted to give it a go. Reading something over the weekend gave me the idea again to try and reduce heavy cream down and see if I could get there.

So, a pint of heavy cream went in to a saucepan and over a low flame for, well, half of the afternoon, whisking every few minutes. I managed to reduce it almost by half - never boiling, only just barely at a simmer, until it really wasn't going to simmer any more and I didn't want to break it.

It's thick, almost solid, nutty sweet from cooking the cream for so long, not quite like a clotted cream. Now what? Cream soups? Spoonfuls here and there for sauces? Some artery-stopping decadent dessert?
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