History of the American Salad

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i must be older than i thought - or where i live just isn't quite up to date yet. as i remember being at j&w and being shown how to plate that chunk of iceberg with russian dressing. i'm so old and forgetful that it's name simply slips my mind!! :D
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What, no "Bleu" cheese dressing on that wedge of iceberg? I can't quite put my finger on it, but apart from wishing the title were appended with: "...In the Twentieth Century" something strikes a wrong note. Maybe that's all it is -- that no recognition is given to anything before 1900. But it just seems so "pop." And she perpetuates so many abominations that really do not deserve to be called salads (lime Jello? Watergate "s---d"). Yuck. Yeah, I know they're still popular, but still, yuck.
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