History of Gelatin

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Hey fellas. Right now I'm working on a project for researching the history and culinary use of gelatin. Thing is, searches of google and the NY Public Library proved pretty fruitless. I wondered if anybody here had insight into the subject, or an idea of some sources to check out to better understand the culinary history of gelatin. Most of what I can find is medical or industrial.

Notable food historians or people with gelatin knowledge would be good as well.
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I know this might sound weird but try e-mailing/calling the JELLO company I'm sure they have lots of info. Also try gelatin manufacturers. Hope this was of some help!
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I'm guessing back in the long ago, people discovered that when they cooked their meat and included the bones, when the food got cold, it turned into that lovely jelly. When they cooked just the meat - no jelly.

And so it began....
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