History of Caramel

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I am currently looking for the history of caramel - I know it was created by either the Turks or Arabs - but I do not know anything further. Can anyone help?
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Once upon a time, someone burned some sugar :eek: ....it was good.... :D

(Sorry, it's the best I could do :rolleyes: ) :)
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I was once told Marie-Antoine Carmel invented it. I wouldn't bother looking doing too much research along those lines, though....

-- P
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Not likely... Caramel comes from a latin word. Not a name. Nice try though! ;)
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It was the Irish!Fell asleep at the fire while drinking and woke up to some good Caramel! Same way they invented that burnt beer. The Beer tastes like s**t ( my opinion) but the Caramel rocks.
On a seriouse note I think that a google search into the history of sugar might help. Refined sugar has not realy been around for that long in quantities sufficient for cooks to burn so I think its a fairly recent addition to our culinary useage. Honey and molases (besides fruit and veggies) I think were the mainstay of sweet tooths for most of mankinds history!
I still think it was the darn hard drinking Irish!
OOPS, Im half Irish so excuse me and never mind..........Douglas
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