History and Legends of Favorite Foods

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This is a great Food History forum. I'm glad I finally found it. :)

My passion is researching the history of different foods. I have a web site devoted to my research on this kind of history. Hopefully, my site can help answer some of your questions. I look forward and welcome suggestions, help, and comments from everyone on the history I have compiled.

History and Legends of Favorite Foods: http://www.whatscookingamerica.net/H...storyIndex.htm
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Welcome to ChefTalk Linda! :) I haven't been able to spend as much time as I would like yet, but I love what I've seen on your website. Does a lot of your research come from old cookbooks? Other historical sources? Did your work in food history grow out of a personal interest, or do you have some academic training (or formal culinary training)? I'm very interested in the field, but just stumbled onto it while working on something completely peripheral.

You might also stop by the Welcom Forum just to introduce yourself to everyone.
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I've always been a history "nut," and have collected history books of everyplace I visit through the years.

I got interested in culinary history while in the process of compiling my first cookbook in 1996. My second cookbook (I call it a history/cookbook) that came out in 2002 really got me going. My publisher insisted that I keep all the history "light" for the readers. Thus, I couldn't include all my research. Where to put it for now - on my website!

Now it is an obsession with me! Any little tidbit of history can send me off onto a search. The history on my web site is a continual "work in progress." I'm always adding new found history tidbits to existing articles and researching new foods for new articles.

Linda Stradley
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Hello Linda! We're delighted to have you on board. Please do drop by the Welcome Forum so more of us become acquainted with you.

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Hello Linda and welcome to the forum. I am very pleased to meet a fellow food historian I will take a detailed look at your site and I will come with my comments. :)

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