High Temp Dishwasher Chemical Dispenser

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1) What dishwasher chemical dispenser do you use? How did you get them? Are you able to choose which chemicals to use and not be stuck with the brand(s) whoever install the dishwasher chemical dispenser?

2) I am leaning towards solid dishwasher detergent and rinse aid and our food service person can only install dispensers for a very specific chemical company. I have the option to buy chemicals somewhere else but they told me that it has to be that brand since other chemicals may not be compatible with their dispensers. I need flexibility down the road; as such, I want to have choice of whatever chemical dispenser I will use for dishwashing for reason like cleaning effectiveness and pricing.

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The only way you could get your own chemicals is by getting your own equipment. The deal is, the chem people will put in the equipment then you buy the chemicals from them distributed by the food service company. Ecolab is one of the largest companies out their. Different food service companies work with other companies. When I had my business I called someone who had the cheapest chemicals along with installing and calibrating the equipment needed to keep the dishwasher in good condition.......
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The thing with d/w chemicals is that they are all liquid, making it fairly easy to dilute with water. Thus, a detergent could have many concentration levels, it all depends on who is distributing the product and how much they are watering it down beforevthey bottle it. The machines are easily calibrated to dispense a required amount of chemical, but it is the concentration of the chemical that dictates the amount dispensed.

What I am trying to say is that weaker concentrations are dispensed in higher volumes, so you go through more chemical.

If your machine is leased from a big-boy chemical company, you have no opportunity to shop around.

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