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I'm having a dilemma on what High Pressure Washer to use for the cleaning of our kitchen floors.

An advice from our company's in-house engineering suggests that the 100psi water pressure running though our pipes is enough. All we need is a hose and a nozzle. However, after browsing through, the internet suggests that pressure washers should operate at a pressure of not less than 1500psi.

I just need anyone's advice on this. How much pressure do your kitchens use?

Look forward for answers.

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Seems to me that a 1500psi washer would blow up spray and mist - including whatever crud was on the kitchen floor - and deposit it all over everything in the kitchen. I've used high pressure washers quite a bit, but never indoors, let alone in a kitchen.

This doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

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The washers are popular in meat cutting rooms, but all you have there is a floor and a table.

In a kitchen, they make a mess, wreak havoc with the tile grout and baseboards, and get things very wet.  Besides cold water doesn't loosen dirt or grease, you have to use hot, and that just means steam clouds as  well as wet.   A lot of places do use them, but outside, and to clean stuff like speed racks, shelving, anti fatigue mats, eqpt, etc. 

May I suggest a mop bucket and a scrub brush on a broomstick.  Brushes will get the dirt off far better and faster, they also don't remove the tile glaze, the paint, or any other surface coating.

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