High Altitude disasters



Hello, My name is Amber and Ive recently moved to CO. Ive just graduated as a Pastry Chef and now i am trying to master the art of baking at high altitude. DISASTER! my executive chef has given me several recipes and asked me to try them out. I have already discovered the alterations i need to make, however the chocolate decadence he has given me will not work! ive looked up several recipes and they are all very similar, just more or less chocolate as with eggs. the recipe i have is as follows:

8 oz dark choc

1 cup (unsalted) butter

1/2 cup sug

4 ea eggs

melt choc and butter together, wihsk eggs to as best a ribbon as possible, stir in sug to choc mixter and then slowly whisk in eggs...

bake at 310 for 12 min

When i tried the recipe as is it rose, and it is not supposed to. It is supposed to be very dense and heavy...

i tried the same recipe only with egg yolks, as to not get as much air with the white.. and it never set!!  even with a water bath...

Can you help? any suggestions? Thank you in advance!!
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