High Altitude Bread Baking

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    I am a baker for a restaurant in Mammoth Lakes, CA which is at an elevation of 8050.  I bake focaccia for the restaurant and am using a convection oven.  The recipe I use was developed for a slightly lower elevation and baked in a combi oven using moisture.  When I bake the bread using the convection oven, it gets very brown on the edges and the middle is pale.  and sometimes the underside of the bread is not cooked enough.  I bake the focaccia in 10# portions on a full sheet pan.  The original recipe states to bake the bread at 425 for 20 minutes using 20% moisture.  Since I don't have a combi oven, I tried baking it at 425 for 25 minutes but the bread comes out pale in the middle and undercooked on the bottom.  When I cook it longer, it browns on the edges to fast.  I tried lowering the oven and lengthening the cooking time but the crust is too hard for my liking.  Can anyone offer any tips or am I just stuck with overly crusty focaccia?
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    You should be able to turn off the fan. That should help.