Hibachi food cost dish

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Hello this is my first post and just had a question for yall and didnt know if one of yall already knew the answer before i break it all down.  I ve managed a Mexican restaurant for many many years but have recently purchased a food truck and want to do hibachi out of it.  Do any of yall know the price per plate to make a rice and chicken plate?  If anyone has a food cost sheet with this broken down I would love to look over it if you are willing, please and thank you!
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Adrian, welcome to Cheftalk. It depends on how much chicken your going to put on the plate. It may also depend on what area of the country you in and how food truck friendly people are. With a Food truck you may want to offer a Hibachi chicken burrito as a easier way for people on the run to eat your food. 

After looking at a food truck that offered this plate I would recommend $6.50. If you serve good food you s/b able to sell them at this price all day.........Good Luck......
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