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Hello to everyone...I just found this site, and it looks like a wonderful pace! So many forums to explore, and so little time, but I will give it my best shot.:D

I am a corporate Chef now, but have been in the business since I graduated 20 odd years ago, working in lots of different restaurants and hotels. I look forward to sharing with all passionate cooks, and learning a lot of new tips myself.
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Hey there PetitChef, I am new too. This place seems like a great place to learn, laugh, and best of all, make culinary friends.

Talk to you soon,
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Welcome aboard. I, too, am in the corporate sector. Are you with one of the bigger contractors or self-op?
In which part of Australia are you? Always wanted to visit there. One day.
Looking forward to your input!
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Welcome PetitChef! Sit back and browse through all the forums, you're sure to find a whole lot of information here as wells as some great people from all areas of the industry.


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Welcome to Chef Talk Petit Chef!

You're right this is a great place, you just found heaven online.

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Hello Petit Chef! Welcome to Chef Talk.

Since others have given you a warm welcome, I'll just add that there are many great forums and threads to explore. We hope you enjoy yourself!
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Thanks for the warm welcome, so nice. I found myself getting stuck in the Late Night Cafe....lol. Something a bit different than food.

Jim, you asked about my work. It is a private dining set up, no major contractor behind it. I had never worked in such a kitchen, normally people use Spotless, Eurest etc. Part of my duties include going to Sydney for a special dinner, or client parties on a yacht. And of course day hours, which is great, as I have a 5yo son. And I am in Adelaide, South Australia, a beautiful place, with lots of beautiful wine, fresh produce and innovative chef's.

Ok, am off for a whizz around the forums,


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