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Just joining!  Wanting to learn all I can.  I am a fairly accomplished home cook (in the sense that I can cook without a recipe sometimes and it tastes pretty darn good to my family), but wanting to learn everything there is to know!  I have a full time job as a physician, which I love and would really love to be able to mash up my two favorite things!  I LOVE good food and don't want to ever waste my time or taste buds on something less than spectacular, but prefer to put Paleo/Whole 30 foods in my mouth!  One of my dreams would be to have a restaurant with paleo/whole 30 options, and not just 1-2 things, but most to all of the menu. 

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Welcome to ChefTalk Nikki sounds like you have two great passions. I think you could probably teach people how to cook healthy meals which might be enjoyable for you and helpful to people. I think there is a real need for people to know how to approach food in a healthy way that is also tasty. Let us know if you have an questions about the forums, thanks for joining.
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