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just wanted to say hello and introduce myself I'm John I stay in Scotland and although I have worked in the food industry in the past I have been doing other things for a few years. I have enrolled in college to do a professional cookery course to brush up on my knowledge and gain qualification's. My course will start at the end of august assuming success at the competitive interview which I've been invited to on Thursday the 21st of may a week today so fingers crossed all go's well.

I love food and enjoy cooking at home and almost anything food related so I'm sure I have come to the right place and will benefit from the knowledge and insights of professional chefs and home cooks who are also passionate about all things food related. I have had a good look around chef talk and have already learned lots end been impressed by the contributions made by members from around the world.

Thanks, John


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Welcome John sounds you are getting into the business on the right foot. How long is the course you are enrolled in? What school are you attending?
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Hi Nicko, thanks for the welcome its nice to be officially welcomed, Im applying to Motherwell college, its a three year course then got the choice of doing an additional year and getting my diploma, competitive interview is this thursday so if that go's well and with my experience hopefully I should be successful, I could pm you and let you know if I get in if thats cool? would also be more than happy to do a review if I get in but as its in Scotland not sure if that would benefit the site or not?
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