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    Hi My name is Sueann and I am a first semester culinary student and attending culinary school in South Bend, IN. I am a member of the ACF.  I am married and since my kids are out of the house I thought I would do something for me that I Love to do so here I am. I may need help and input from people from time to time due to I am an older student. I am excited to get started with the new chapter in my life. 

    I do have a Facebook account so look me up. 

    Nice to meet all of you.

    Sue Ann George, Michigan
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    Welcome, Sue Ann! You'll find lots of support and plenty of information here at Chef Talk. Some of our members are culinary instructors, too. They won't want to do your homework for you (which I'm sure you would never ask! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif) but the instructors, chefs, and other culinary students are a valuable resource in helping you navigate through your experience in culinary school. You'll want to look at the Culinary Schools/Students forum here. Browse, and use the search tool as well. Some basic questions may have been asked, so you might start there first. Of course, everyone's experience is unique, so don't hesitate to start a thread that applies to your own situation if you need to.

    The forums are wonderful for learning and sharing. All of them are open to everyone to read and learn, but be advised: those of us (myself included) who are not working professionally in kitchens shouldn't post in the professional forums. (Your time will come, though! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif) We post in the general forums where everyone reads and posts, so your questions get addressed there. 

    Besides the forums we have great cooking articles to read on technique, ingredients, equipment, etc. Don't miss those or the reviews of cookbooks and equipment, photo galleries, etc. There's so much here to take in! Again, use that search tool.

    What are your favorite things to cook? How did you become inspired to cook? Was there someone or an experience that made you realize how much food and cooking meant to you?

    We hope Chef Talk will be a go-to place for you. Good luck in your adventure!


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    Welcome SueAnn glad to have you. My Dad lives in Indiana near Anderson so welcome fellow hoosier. We always encourage culinary students to please post a review of your school as it helps other students. If you would be willing to post a review let me know and we can set up your school in our reviews section.