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Hi all restaurant people.

Hi , I am a line cook of 8+ years in the field. I started doing dishes and worked my way up.  I have been reading the forums for a couple of days now and love that I am not the only one with the "cook's" point of view. I am looking forward to all of the advice.
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Welcome, Corey. My brother started as you did. He became a successful chef-owner and now his son is the chef, working to take buy his dad out. maybe that'll be you someday.

Since you've been looking around for a bit you know we have a good array of forums. But don't miss the excellent cooking articles! We do have very talented people here, both professionals and home cooks. I always say the members are the wealth of this site. There aren't a lot of places online where you can, say, ask a home cook from Thailand how to make a certain curry, or a veteran BBQ chef for some secrets. This is a great place to learn and to share.

We hope you'll enjoy being part of the community and that you become a regular who adds to the mix. 


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