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HI ,

I am starting Johnson & Wales in the fall i was wondering if anyone could give me some helpful hints. you know Do's and Don'ts. Is that school all that it is cracked up to be.... An inquiring mind wants to know.........so any little bit of info helps.

TY, :confused:

:chef: :smiles:
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Hi, jsbluegirl! Welcome to Chef Talk.

Stop in the Culinary Students' forum, where you'll find lots of others who are just starting out, and others who have experience you can profit from. We also have a number of pros who are J&W graduates. If you pose your question there, you may be more likely to attract a wider audience.

Just scroll down the page and click on the Culinary Students' forum to get started. And, don't overlook the other forums and the archives for lots of goodies!


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Welcome to Chef Talk Jessica!

I can't add anything to Mezz's advice, just wanted to wish you luck in your study. :)

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