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    Hi all, My name is Ed, I'm the exec chef at a restaurant in ATX. Love being here and love the city!! Music, Food, and Adventures
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    Thank you for the introduction, Ed. I hear lots of good things about Austin, and those things put it on my list of places to visit. I hear it's a pretty cosmopolitan city, too, but with that distinctive Texas flair of course.

    Please take a bit of time to have a good tour of the entire site. Chef Talk has a lot beyond the many discussion forums: excellent cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries, archives of special guest conversations and more. Fortunately, there's the search tool to help you sift through 13+ years worth of content! Still, most of us will point to the members as a very rich resource here. We hail from every continent (yes, even Antarctica at times), every age, every level of expertise. There aren't many places you can call on an Indonesian chef to ask about traditional accoutrements for a rijsttafel, or a Caribbean home cook for their favorite recipe for mofongo, but you can at Chef Talk. We'll be enriched because people will be able to tap your expertise to explore dishes and techniques that are new to them.

    We hope you'll add you own spice to the mix through your participation, and look forward to seeing you here often.


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