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Hi everyone! I've been lurking for a while now, and wanted to jump in. I live in Wyoming, so it's a real challenge finding and creating interesting food, so I look forward to visiting with you all and getting your input!
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Welcome, Pattycake! You're actually not our only friend in Wyoming; there's at least one other! It's great that you've spoken up now. Ask your questions, give your opinions -- this is a very sharing place!

Am I right to assume from your name that you like to bake? Oh, boy, we have some terrific pastry people here!!! You'll have a lot of fun. What food are you interested in?
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Hi Suzanne:

Glad to know there's another wyomingite out there! Hope he or she jumps in and lets me know where they are!

I'm primarily a cake/pastry person..graduated from culinary school for a second career in '96..while pastry is my first love, any kind of cookin' will do.

problem out here is, no good restaurants! fine dining out here is considered to be Red Lobster or Applebees..we have one or two locally owned places, but not real cutting edge.

And just TRY to find different and interesting cheese, or produce products here! It can be very frustrating.

I've semi-retired now..(a bout with breast cancer 2 years ago put the skids on my energy level, and 12 hour days on my feet at the bakery became difficult to deal with. I just couldn't deal with another wedding cake season!.so now, I do occasional cakes for friends, just to keep my hands in!)

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Dear Pattycake,

Just another "welcome aboard"!

Hope you enjoy the site.
BTW, thanks for sharing your story
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Hello and welcome, Pattycake! We're glad you decided to jump in, and look forward to your posts.
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