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Hey all...

  Former Army cook, AND former Navy cook, FINALLY got a job cooking at a BBQ restaurant/catering co. near me in northwestern NJ.

  I don't know what to call it... never heard of a "Professional Barbecue Chef," (At least not in some way that was incredibly pretentious and designed to sell books and overpriced grilling equipment,) so I usually just say, when asked, "Oh... I'm a cook!" and I say it proudly and happily. I get paid reasonably good money to do something I love, and I look forward to going to work most days.

   I went in the Navy right out of High School, and during my rotation in the galley (kitchen) fell in love with it. I later switched to the Army, ironically so I could spend more time with my kids. But then there was the Gulf War, the Balkans, Somalia, etc...

   I was injured while serving as a member of a convoy team in Iraq, in 2005, where I got put on a convoy team because folks like cooks, fuel handlers, supply specialists, and other "support" roles have found that in Iraq their jobs have been farmed out to civillian contractors, leaving us to other duties. In my case, I was on a convoy team that ran at least three missions a week through the heart of the "Sunni Triangle." I got blown up on Easter, '05, and sustained some spinal injuries which worsened over time, ending my military career.

   I spend my days making ribs and brisket and hush puppies and the like, and love every minute. And, nobody has tried to shoot me on my way to work lately. I guess I'm adjusting. LOL

  Got two kids, grown, who lived with me, and am getting married in January.

  Great to be here... I'm really happy I stumbled onto this site!

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Hello Karl, welcome to ChefTalk.

I have various members of my family who were/are members of the British armed forces.  I have a family member in the SAS who is serving in Afghanistan at the mo, who was posted to Iraq a couple of years ago.  My dad was an officer in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders when I was a girl - we travelled around the world with his postings - from Singapore to Cyprus to Germany!

Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own.  The professional fora are worth a visit for those of you who are in the culinary trades - and will give you an insight into how other professionals are doing.  I hope you have time to read some of the amazing articles on here and to view the wonderful photography, too!

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