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my name is daniel and i always want 2 b a chef

actualy me and my perents will imigrate from israel 2 usa in next year

i heard from friends that if i wanna be a good cook i have to schooling for 4 years

when  i was lookin in jonson and wales university i dosn't found  a course

that takes 4 years...

can u explain me about thet course (i cant found a information in the webside)

what did i got after that 4 years (what level become)?

in adition i wanna be a cook that his specialization will be a asian food,  is that posible?

Joined Jun 2, 2010
i forgot to tell somthing...

if i will learn 38 month and i wiil get a "bechler of culinary degree"

to rise my degree?

what the next degree after bachelor?

how long did i have to study to get the next degree?
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after a Bachelors it's called a Masters and then a Doctorate and that's about 10 years of your life (or more) and a lot of thesis writing.

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