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Hi everyone! My name is Iesha, I decided to become a member because I love to bake. And since I have become a mom I am rediscovering my love to bake. Not really big on cooking though. I am 27 (28 this yr), mom to Isaiah (born 7 Feb 09) married to my Air Force sweetheart! :eek:) I am currently going to school full-time, attending Liberty University for Psychology with a concentration in Christian Counseling. Then on for my Masters!!! I just recently became a SAH mom and hoping to start daycare out of my home soon while I am finising school to help bring another income into our home.

Hope to talk to you soon!

God Bless!
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Hi Iesha, and welcome to Chef Talk. I think you'll find a lot of resources, ideas and inspiration from the forums, cooking articles, photo gallery and more.

I'm a home cook too, and when I joined CT I didn't care much for pastry- just cooking. BUt since I've been here, I've had the courage to try new things because there's always someone who'll answer my questions or coach me on how to do better.

It sounds like you have a very busy life! Visit as often as you can, and we'll look forward to your posts.

Best regards,
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