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Hi. Been reading for a while and always learning something new here, thought it about time I registered. Sorry in advance if my messages are rather short, no computer and typing on my phone isn't exactly fun ;) . Anyway a bit of background, I started doing an apprenticeship about nine months ago working an italian restaurant, still there and going well.
Oh well, thats it for now before I text my thumbs off :)
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Hello Kalach and welcome!

How's your apprenticeship going? Are there any revelations you've had that have energized your career?

Have a look around and take in the other parts of this site: cooking articles, photo gallery, etc. We've been here for about a decade, so your thumbs will be happy to know that we have a search tool to help you zero in on particular topics. :)

We hope you stop in often and participate. Welcome!
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Considering that we've already got a correspondence history of several posts it may be a bit late to say it. But, welcome.

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Yeah apprenticeship is going well, they leave me with almost complete control of the pizza/dessert section, everything from ordering, plating, specials, etc I get to do myself (so long as I don't do anything stupid ;) ).
Started to get a bit of experience on pans and larder (I think most other places call it pantry?), but not quite comfortable to do either of those on a busy night yet. Busy being filling the floor at least once (we've got seating for about 120ish).
Absolutely hectic night tonight, and we were down by one, just three in the kitchen (not counting dishie). Somehow managed to survive without any serious disasters though.
Anyways better get some sleep, gotta be in early since we have to prep pretty much everything.
Thanks for the welcome and good luck on boxing day if it hasn't happened in your timezone yet :)
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