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I'm Joe (thegardenguru).

I'm a former restaurant chef, a special events caterer and I teach cooking at various levels for the colleges and community programs in my area.

My most popular class is entitled "The Epicurean Kitchen Garden", where I teach gardeners how to cook and cooks how to garden.

I specialize in international cuisines and the fruits, nuts, berries, herbs and vegetables that we can grow in our area, whether in a garden or on a small farm.

Would love to talk to any of you about authentic and traditional dishes.
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Thank you for the introduction, Joe. As you can see, we have a forum for culinary gardening. You'll want to explore that, including using the search tool to see older threads.

Your range of experience will be a great addition to our community. I hope you become a regular here to share and to learn with our professionals and our home cooks from all over the globe.


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