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Hi, My name is Morgan I am currently a student at the Florida culinary institute .( though i wont be for long if i don't find a job! XD) I want to be a pastry chef when i grow up, thought my mom says you cant do both at the same time ( grow up , and pastry). I make marshmallows that is my thing, i guess. I love them. I like to learn new things and work in kitchens with people who know what they are doing so that i can take things and ideas from them! I have 2 dogs and a boyfriend. notice which one comes first in that sentence?! lawl. my mom taught for wilton cake decorating for like 8 years and has just now stared teaching again so piping bags are second nature for me! I want to learn how to sell my products. ( marshmallows and other baked goods, usually quick breads). I am both serv safe and safe staff certified and am also known as the " SANITATION ****" I have a tattoo, and want another. UMMM if you have any questions about me or FCI feel free to ask I know a LOT of the instructors soo.

well umm LATER! <3 :peace:
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Hello there - welcome to ChefTalk.

The membership here is broad, people from all around the globe (for instance, I'm Scots) and all levels of expertise - from 'can't boil water' to masterchefs.

Try to make some time to read the articles on here - and the photographs aren't too shabby either!

There is a section specifically aimed at culinary students, where you will find some like-minded students (and teachers!).

Tattoos? Well, we've had some lively debates about THAT topic - both pro and con!
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lmao sorry about that . by cupcake i mean a cupcake tattoo! lawl my bad i re read it and realised how unclear that was. my appologies.:lol:
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Hi pastrygirl :)

Now we know what the pastrygirl part is - I like your enthusiasm - what does the 1906 mean? Not your year of birth I am guessing.

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January 9th 2006 is the day me and my boyfriend started dating. we are still dating almost 4 years later. he supports me in every way possible.

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