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My name is Dave and I found you through Slow Food's site. While I have never cooked professionally, my wife once ran a small wine shop/ restaurant. We both are retired, enjoy cooking, wine and food paring and travel. The only argument in our kitchen is "Who gets to cook" not "Who has to cook"!

Most of our recipes are Italian based but we have a few from Germany, where we once lived, and, as Mario Batli says, the F country.

I have a strong interest in the history of food, both in terms of recipes and the routes that foods have taken from their points of origin.
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Hi Dave, and welcome to Chef Talk. I'll bet you have some culinary tales to tell, having lived in Europe. With your broad repertoire, what do you most enjoy cooking, and cooking with?

We hope you'll make yourself at home and enjoy all the forums and threads here at Chef Talk.

Again, welcome!

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