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I am a Pastry school drop-out, though I do eventually plan on continuing my education in about 2-4 years, depending on how the low-carb trend goes. I am aware, however, that chocolate always sells regardless of economy and food trends, so I plan on at the very least try to get experience at places that do alot of work with that particular product sometime in the few months. My hope is to someday open up one of those types of chocolate cafes like the ones they have in Europe.

My other interests are music, & science fiction, historical, and fantasy novels.

I recently made a message board for goths and/or rivetheads who also happen to like to cook and bake, though you don't really need to be identified with any subcultures to join, just the interest in learning about culinary matters. I made it for the same reason I joined this message board, I am ignorant in some matters regarding culinary issues, and knowledgable in some others, and interested in sharing and learning culinary knowledge with other people.

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Hi Becky and welcome to Chef Talk. You will have found the pastry forums by now I'm sure! I hope you enjoy hanging out there and visiting all of the forums here. Don't miss the great articles at the main Chef Talk site. Be sure to use the search button to find topics of interest in past conversations.


P.S. Have you read Thackeray's Vanity Fair? ;)

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