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I've been a graphic artist all my adult life. Started in the printing industry, later became a sign maker.
In early 2002 I got laid off from a job that I had for over a decade. I spent two years in three different jobs. One full time, three part time. Today I split my time between two part time jobs. One from my old life, the other from my new life. Really basic entry level stuff... often finishing par-baked goods/frozen dough or making things from a mix. I look at it as getting started. Monday I take my ServSafe Management Certification Exam. I just started a correspondense course with the American Institute of Baking. This is more geared towards "industrial" baking, not anything like wedding cakes. Finally, I'm starting three culinary classes (35 hours each) at the local adult ed center. Two are baking, one is basic culinary techniques. I've been an avid cook and baker at home for a long time. When we've entertained my wife's family, we serve 20-25 people at a small party. My wife's not into cooking. I've found it to be no problem preparing dinner for 25+ people at once, I figure I should be OK in the food business.
I'm hoping to leave the two part time jobs I have right now in the fall. We have a Panera Bread store opening in the fall here. I'm hoping to find my first full time job there. Hopefully in the spring I will enroll in a local community college and get an Associate's degree of some sort and eventually land a good job.
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Welcome to ChefTalk. There are quite a few bakers on board here that would surely share their insights.
Taking your ServSafe exam is a good start... it can help with marketing yourself to potential employers.
Be sure to check out the various baking forums in the ChefTalk community for some suport, techniques and answers to your questions.
Again, welcome to ChefTalk!
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I can almost hear the excitement in your voice! So glad you're starting with the basics to enhance your new "career". Congratulations on following your heart...and good luck!
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Hey Peter! Welcome aboard :D

You do sound very excited, that's excellent!

You know, I'm in the sign business myself. My hubby and I have owned & operated 2 small sign/banner shops for about 14 years. What a small world!

Good luck on your new adventure :)
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Welcome to Chef Talk, PetertheBaker! Enjoy all the great forums and threads. We have a great search feature on this site, so if you want to locate threads on particular topics, give it a whirl.


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