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    Hello. I am so glad to find this site...seems like a wealth of information! I have been baking at home for as long as I can remember and finally, about a year ago, was able to leave behind my years of retail management and work full time at a small town bakery. It has been a really rewarding change of pace (although the early hours took some getting used to!)  The bakery and it's previous owners had an actual pastry chef who taught some of his ways to the new owner (my boss) and she has in turn trained me. Needless to say there are many things that we stumble up against that neither of us has the experience to answer....again, I am so glad to have found a new resource! I look forward to spending many future hours combing your forums.
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    Welcome to ChefTalk.com what a cool story about leaving retail and no working in a local bakery. You are right ChefTalk is a wealth of information after 16+ years of discussions (started in 1999). Be sure to use the search to look for a topic as you will find many topics have been discussed. Feel free to start new ones as you need to.