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    Hey everybody,

         New to these forums, just wanted to say hi and share a little about myself and my background.

    I am originally from Oregon, where I started my kitchen career as a dishwasher. I realized that I loved the kitchen when I found myself actually looking forward to going to work! At that point my goal became to be a line cook, and after 9 months of busting my @$$ in the dish pit, I achieved that goal. Over the course of the last 7 years I have worked my way through every kitchen position, having the chance to work for some really great Chef's. I am currently working in Alaska, as the private Chef at a high end fishing lodge.

    I am looking forwad to discussions and dialogue with some of my peers, as well as home cooks and former Chef's. Thanks for reading guys, and see you around the boards!
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    Hello and welcome! We are a really diverse group, both in terms of ability and geography. I'm Scots and fall into the enthusiastic amateur camp. But
    I've taken food courses around the globe and love to try new food tastes.

    The articles, reviews and photographs are all well worth spending time to view.
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    Welcome Matt glad to have you. Working in Alaska must be amazing and also challenging I bet. What fishing lodge are you at? Let us know if you have any questions.