Hi there!

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I'm new here. Just a home cook. From Austin, Tx.

Just a quick introduction really.

Looking for tips, techniques and good recipes.

Look forward to talking with you all!  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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Welcome! I started out as a home cook too but I knew I wanted to cook professionally once my kids were older.  I am so happy I found this forum.. it's a great place to learn and share information.  I love this forum because of the mix of people on here.. everyone from home cooks, to culinary students to very accomplished professional chefs are here and are willing to help and share their knowledge.  Also the late night cafe gives us a chance to get to know each other.
Look around and enjoy!
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hi, i'm just starting out here and i'm from Northern Utah.  I'm an at home cook, i have had no education in culinary arts, but i do have experience working in a professional enviornment.  I love to cook and use my friends as guinea pigs for my experiments in the kitchen. I'm looking for tips and new ideas to try out, getting bored doing the same type of thing all the time. 
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Hello Brian and welcome to Chef Talk. We hope you'll have a good look around (using the search tool to find what you want if necessary) and enjoy being part of the community. If you need help using the board's features (such as starting a new thread, adding a photo, etc.) any moderator can help you.

What are your favorite dishes to try out on your friends?
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Hello all... I am the author of Brunei's Creative chef blog working as a professional Chef in The Empire Hotel and Country Club, Brunei... Been in the industry (kitchen) since 1997 but move to service as Flight Attendant in Royal Brunei Airlines for about 7 years, now I've start cooking professionally again since 2007.  Its hard to start over again but I am always love cooking, I am passionate and obsessed about cooking. I hope that I can learn more from you all and would want to teach my knowledge too...
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I too am new to Cheftalk, i've recently start a blog called This Little Green Book (http://www.thislittlegreenbook.com) as i'm travelling around Italy learning recipes etc before returning home (to Sydney, Australia) to train as a chef.  I'm planning to use this blog to prove to future employers that i'm worth hiring - i'll be looking for a first year apprenticeship to become a chef.

If anyone has any comments, feedback or ANYTHING about my blog i'd love to hear your views.

Thanks, Oni x

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