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Hi!  I am a home based baker at the moment specializing in decorated sugar cookies.  I love what I do, and it is growing at an incredible rate!  I am in the process of trying to go commercial, and that's what brought me to this site.  I'm completely used to working with all residential equipment, but I need to learn more about the commercial side of things.  Any and all recommendations and suggestions are welcome!  Thanks so much! 
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Hi there right back!

Chef Talk has been around almost 2 decades and during that time there has been quite a bit of discussion re outfitting commercial kitchens.

Here is one thread that gets pretty deep into commercial ranges to get you started... [thread="86823"]Choosing A Commercial Range​[/thread]

There are similar threads that go into dishwashers as well as a few that get into small wares.

One way to get up close and personal with what is out there is to rent space in a few incubator and/or commissary kitchens and figure out what will work for you and your menu.

You didn't mention if you are moving into a new space or just upgrading your current home based sq footage.

Size matters  ;-)


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