Hi there~I am happy to find this forum and join the talk. :P

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by silvialee, Sep 28, 2011.

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    I Just Like Food
    Hello there I am 22, female, from China.

    Atcually the ieda "to learn cooking and take it as a job in the future" just poped into my mind one day I found it is really boring and unhappy to sitting in front of my office desk.

    Then I started to search for this area online. Hope to know something about it.

    So you can say Ah She is REALLY REALLY NEW. I didn't have any experience about cooking before. (Of course cook at home for daily life doesn't count.) So I choose the tag, just like food when start sign up for this forum.

    Hope to know more about cooking and related things. 初次见面,请多关照。

    :) thanks~~~
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    I Just Like Food

    Thank goodness for Google translate.... either way, Aloha, as we say from where I come from.

    Cooking, at home or as a professional, is exciting as well as fulfilling.  The membership of Cheftalk is rich and full of knowledge.  I myself have learned so much here.  Feel free to participate in the forums, other than the professional foras, that would be read only for you and I.  You can post photos of dishes that you have created, read articles that can inspire you and reviews of different products.  Just have fun!