Hi! Nice to meet you all.

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    Hi everyone,

    Nice to meet you all!  I'm happy that I'm here, since I can see this place is full of life and seems like everyone are having lots of fun. I wish to do the same here as everyone. I'm a simple girl who get along well with everyone. And also someone who loves food. I love to learn various cooking techniques and more about the ingredients used. Also more about the measurements, utensils, tips and anything as such. I love working with recipes and playing out with various ingredients and would like to bring forward a new recipe. I hope everyone who get along well with me and let me join in as your friends.

    Looking forward to your friendship.
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    I Just Like Food
    Welcome recipe4you to Chef Talk.

    This is a great website to learn just about all there is about food in general.

    As Home Cooks, we are asked not to participate in the Professional forums, but the read is wonderful.

    I’m sure that you’ve have already looked around, but if you have questions, check out the FAQ at the bottom of the page or you may also Private Message one of the Moderators. 


    Have fun !