Hi! Just out of the oven!

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Just discovered this site and I'm very excited and full of expectations. If any of you notice any language error, please forgive me. I'm portuguese and I teach french and portuguese language and litterature.
I'm 34 and I've a boy and a girl 2 yrs. old. I've been teaching for 12 yrs. and baking since I was 10. When my twins were born, and I stayed at home, I really discovered what a powerful ressource the Net is, and I learned zillions of things. I baked my first batch of muffins, and I bought my first american recipes book... So many discoveries since then... So many that I'll be opening this year my own coffee shop where we'll be baking from apple pie, banana cake, danish pastries to chocolate chip cookies and biscotti. Delicious recipes I've gathered in this two yrs. , choosen from the dozens I tried. They're so diffrent from the portuguese traditional pastries.
But still I have so many things I want to try and others I want to improve. Hope I can get a great help from you all! See you soon!


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Welcome to Chef Talk Cecilia. So nice to meet you. I must say I am pretty ingnorant when it comes to Portuguese food. I'll look forward to a few recipes if you don't mind.
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