Hi, I'm Shermie!

Joined Jan 23, 2010
I'm new here, and I just joined the forum.

I love to cook, especially for family & friends.

I'm a member at several other cooking forums and I'm a Super Moderator at two of them. i like to visit diffrent forums to try to get a feel of other peoples' views about cooking and entertaining.

I'll be stopping by from time to time, to chat with you guys and share info that you might find helpful. Peace out. :peace:

Thank you.

Talk to you soon!
Joined Aug 29, 2000
Hello Shermie and welcome to ChefTalk. If you're an active member of other sites, it'll be interesting to hear what you like about ChefTalk

What are the cooking interests about which you are most passionate? Did someone in particular nudge you into this field of interest?

We hope you enjoy being part of ChefTalk.com.

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