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Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by suemeg, Apr 11, 2005.

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    Hi Everyone.

    I'm new to this so hope I don't mess up too much. I'm a retired senior citizen from California. I'm trying to cook dishes that feed only two people without leftovers.

    I also am cooking or mixing as the case may be so that I can cook the required amount for today and save the remainder in the freezer. I'm not freezing cooked dishes, rather, I preparing the ingredients up to the cooking portion and freezing then. That way I can thaw and cook and not have something that seems like leftovers.

    I would appreciate it if anyone would send me recipes that might qualify for this type of cooking.

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    Cook At Home
    Hello Suemeg, and welcome to Chef Talk Cafe. Like you, I'm a home cook and have found this a helpful and friendly place to learn and share.

    We have a recipe forum. There you can post requests such as your "make ahead and freeze" question. You can also use the search button to look for earlier topics you're interested in.

    This is really the Welcome Forum and not the exact place for recipes, but I'll contribute an idea that my mom used to make. She had to feed about 30 relatives the night before my Bat Mitzvah some years ago, so she made several pans of chicken cacciatore (her version) and froze it in foil pans. When re-heated, the dish didn't taste at all leftover. Rather, it tasted as if she'd marinated it on purpose. The chicken had been browned but not completely cooked through before she put the sauce on it. It was then wrapped tightly and frozen. An hour before mealtime the (thawed) chicken was baked to finish cooking. I can still taste it!

    Good luck in your search.