hi! i'm new too

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just wanted to introduce myself. my name is hillary and i am entering the wonderful world of food. my interest is in pastry arts specifically. i am an engineer by trade but have grown weary of the drudgery of nerddom. :)

i am taking a master baking course at the 'new school' here in nyc this march. i hope to also take more formal coursework perhaps at ICE when finances permit.

to date, i have little experience in the food industry outside of a high school job (1 yr) and planning catered functions for a couple special events (100-200ppl). hopefully this and my basic skillset will be enough to get me some kind of related work.
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Hillary! I hope you explore and find that the culinary world delights you. What kind of engineering do you do? My husband is an electrical engineer.

Please make yourself at home and explore all the site has to offer: archives. older posts and threads, a search function and always lots of great conversations.

What are some of your favorite dishes and pastries?
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thanks mezzaluna

i am a civil engineer who worked in transportation management (in CA) & planning (read: number cruncher) once i got here. very dry indeed... and working in the unfamiliar NYC environment & frenetic pace confirmed my dwindling interest in the profession.

i've actually been lurking here about 6 months before finally registering yesterday.... checking out the archives and general conversation. i went home to california (visiting mom) in january and read all of the pertinent books mentioned as recommended reading.

over the christmas holidays (since we were snowed in) i made a lovely broiled/baked salmon and with a hollandaise sauce, which was a great treat for my hubby and i. :chef:

as far as favorite receipes... i really range from various traditional pastries to short-order cooking to please the masses (read: the hubby). lately i've been making a wonderful sweet potato hash for breakfast. basic fare is more appreciated in this household... i made a chicken & asparagus risotto, which i thought was great but "that rice stuff" leftover is fated to mold in the fridge. :(

on a positive note, my cookies, cakes, sweets, waffles, cinnamon rolls, gumbo are generally appreciated. baby steps!

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Hi Hilary & welcome,
Quick....take a picture of hubby...you wont see him much when your in a kitchen !!!..seriously welcome...if you need any english
pastry recepies just ask,
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