Hi, I'm new. New to the whole forum thing and cheffing as well.

Joined Dec 3, 2010
Please be patient with me, with the things I might say, do or ask. It's nice to be amongst people with the same interests as me...
Joined Aug 29, 2000
Hello SweetDreamz- welcome to Chef Talk. Our community requires all members to be respectful of others, whether they are home cooks (like you and I) or professionals. Flaming is an uncommon occurrence here.

As your badge says, "Can't Boil Water", I assume you're a home cook. In that case, you are welcome to read and search in the professionals' forums, but you mustn't post there. The General Forums are for home cooks like us.

What are your culinary interests? Are there dishes or ingredients you especially like to work with, or regional dishes yo like to prepare?

I hope you'll be a regular visitor and participant here. Welcome!

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