Hi! Im new and seeking advice, please help.

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Hi guys! Basically I run a Caribbean restaurant right in the town Centre in UK. Now there are many other food places on the same street but the others seem to be alot more busy than we are, and I can't for the love of of God work out what we're doing wrong (or could improve)

I've tried eating at the other more popular places and to be honest (bare in mind I am very open minded) the food isn't amazing. Plus our prices are slightly cheaper but not too cheap.

I've tried customer surveys and feedback cards. All say that we're doing great and the foods amazing, service is great and the atmosphere is nice.

We try offers and deals but yet they're always busier!!

There's one place that sticks out to me and the place is absolutely packed everyday. Street food. Similar cuisine but not exactlt the same. And me and my partner eat there just to see what the fuss is, but it's just no different!?!

Please someone help because my patience is coming to an end!

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