Hi, I'm cheech, and I'm a cook...

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I am a culinary Graduate from Cincinnati state, and I am currently a kitchen supervisor for the Marriott Kingsgate in Cincinnati.

I've been cooking for about 10 yrs. and have many many more ahead of me!

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Hi, Cheech! Welcome. You'll find a lot of folks here who will ask your advice (as you already know), and a lot who can give you advice when you ask for it (and sometimes even when you don't ;) ). And just about everyone shares your love of food and cooking. Explore, and have a great time!
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Welcome to Chef Talk Cafe, Cheech. We're glad you found us. Hang out in the professionals' forums and meet some colleagues. Dive into the other forums and share your love and knowledge of food with all of us!

Don't miss the articles and features at the main Chef Talk site. There's some excellent content for you to enjoy.

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hey cheech
so thats what you did when you gave up making those hilarious movies...welcome from the UK.

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