Hi, I'm Anne from Canada.

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    Hi, my name is Anne; and I was so glad to find this site, and to be able to take advantage of advice and discussions. I love to bake for church activities; and just for fun for my friends too. I am single; and help out at home, because my Mom is disabled, and so I do most of the cooking of meals, and laundry etc.
    I sometimes dream of going off to Italy or somewhere exotic to learn more about cooking; and experience the people and the culture.
    For now though, I am glad the internet has many great sites such as this to go to for help to bake healthier; and cook more interesting meals, and be able to substitute when necessary.
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    Cook At Home
    Welcome, Anne! We're glad you found your way here. As you probably know, we have lots of great conversations going in all of the forums. Please take some time to explore- check our archives, use the search function to look for topics of particular interest... then join in the fun!

    As you can see, we have three forums just for pastry and baking. You'll meet some great bakers who are also wonderful people there.

    Don't forget to nip over to Chef Talk to read some great articles, too.

    Nice to meet you!
    Mezzaluna, moderator
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    Welcome Anne, it's nice to meet you.