hi, i;m new & i have a question about custards

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i am a culinary student and i have a question about custards. I need to know 3 different ways for each method of makinga custard. I assume that there are two methods for making a custard... on the stove,stirring in a double boiler & in the oven in a bain maire. could anyone help me out please.. it would be much appreciated
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Oops, I saw and responded to your other post first. But I guessed right, I thought this sounded like a question for a class. Good luck and I'm for real. Tell your instructor theres 4 ways...I promise.
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I just remembered something else, there's 5 ways. Mr. Caffet cooks his custards in a pastureizer....when he told us he works with batches large enough to fill 150 tortes at once.... we all wondered how? he trusts his pasturizer.....
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