Hi, I am new here

Joined Nov 14, 2010
I Found you almost by accident and it was a very happy accident.  I've enjoyed browsing and have learned much.

We recommended our readers sign up to receive your information and join the forum.  We produce "Bettina's Blog" which is a part of the Bettina Network, which is a network of bed & breakfast homes.  Recipe's from our homes and guests wind up on Bettina's Blog along with other kinds of information.  

One of our chief interests is food - cooking, buying, storing, using, etc. so we look forward to sharing what we find with you and hope you can solve some of the problems we run into.  We have also suggested that all of those in the Bettina Network sign up for cheftalk.com so In expect you will hear from all of us over time.

Thank you for the time, patience and good information you provide on this site.  It is invaluable and I can't think of anyplace else which is so complete with really top notch information.
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