Hi I am looking for advice what professional chefs and cooks tools?

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I am looking for different chefs favorite tools and equipment. And why they use that tool and equipment.

Thank you
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Well, some of my favorite tools include a dough sheeter, amazing what you can do with that, attachments for 30-40qt Hobart, the slicing attachment including the power dicer, is a joy in high, high vol.ume kitchens, blast freezers are very handy and a favorite of mine. Vacuum packers are very handy too.

Is tjis what you had in mind?
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We all seem to like good knives, cutting boards, and sharpening tools. It might be weird but I'm into Cambros and similar square-shaped food containers. LOL
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Cambros are even better at home than at work! My home fridge isn't near as large as a walkin and square containers simply fit better.
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Variable speed small immersion blender, use them on a daily basis for sauces and small recipe tests, small batch force meat for seafood quenelles etc. A good set of scales with both metric and US scales, we make a lot of charcuterie and make our own spice blends so we need precise and in some cases precise minute' measures, a sous vide and vac set up. and a dehydrator we use for our spice blends.  
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Eh, you only need two buttons on a scale: on/off and tare. I scale out maybe 20-30 different recipies every day comprised of multiple ingredients, and believe me, toggling back and forth from metric to idiot (imperial) is a waste of time and frustrating. Many a time I have dreamed of doing nasty things with a meat fork to t he inventor of scales that automatically display in idiot, forcing younto toggle it back to metric every time you turn it on. If you need the Imperial function, put it in an inaccesible spot like the back, you only need it 0nce-- to convert idiot to metric when you get a new recipie.

I have a a regular scale that goes up to 10 kgs in 2gram increments, and my "drug dealers scale" that is only good for 100 grams, but accurarate within 1/100 gram. Perfect for spices and funny things like pectin, cream of tartar etc.

I did mention that the imperial system is the most stupid, dyslexic, and messed up system for kitchens, right?

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